Your TYPE of Prague experience

The most visited tourist sights and the historic city center are easily accessible on foot or by public transport from the Hermitage Hotel Prague. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, there is the ancient Vyšehrad Castle offering stunning view of Prague or the lively Vltava riverbank called Náplavka where you can spend pleasant time with children, go biking or jogging in the morning. A bonus for hotel guests is a walking distance to the Prague Congress Center.  



(5 min. walk)

One of the two oldest monuments in Prague rises on a rock just above the Vltava River. Besides the remains of a 10th century hill fort, you can find here the oldest Prague rotunda, a church with the Slavín cemetery where prominent Czech personalities are buried, also a pleasant park, a playground and you can marvel at the beautiful view of Prague and the Vltava River right below you.



(4 min. walk)

A popular place along the Vltava River stretching from the Vyšehrad Rock, under the Palacký Bridge to the Dancing House and Mánes Gallery. In summer, this place, hidden below the waterfront, is full of open-air bars, restaurants and cafés. Boats anchored alongside the riverbank double as cafés, offering all sorts of refreshments all year round. The Náplavka Riverbank serves as a venue for many cultural events and the regular and frequently visited Saturday market.

Czech Cubist Stairs

Prague Cubism

(4 min. walk)

A unique set of avant-garde buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, which make Prague world-famous, has one of its centers just below Vyšehrad. The exhibition center Villa Kovařovic in Libušina Street, the set of three villas in Rašínovo nábřeží towards Vyšehrad rock or, just a short walk away, the apartment building on the corner of Neklanova and Přemyslova Street are definitely worth your attention, even if their originality can be admired only from outside.

Sport Activities in Prague

Sport Activities

In the vicinity of the Hermitage Hotel Prague, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs and get moving. The popular running trails can be found at the Vyšehrad park, the waterfront in the direction from the center or across a pedestrian bridge alongside the Vltava River. There is also a 15 km long cycle track going through Výtoň – Podolí – Braník – Modřany – Komořany – Zbraslav – Vrané nad Vltavou, which is also partly used as an in-line skating track.

Coffee in Prague

Restaurants, bistros and cafés

The lively district below Vyšehrad and along the Vltava River is a place where you can see a restaurant or bistro offering both Czech and international cuisine everywhere you look. It’s up to you if you rather sit down with a glass of good wine, a pint of traditional Czech beer, visit a cozy café or taste the renowned local ice cream. 

Prague Congress Center

Prague Congress Center

The Congress Center, a place hosting the most important and world-class events, is really at your fingertips from the Hermitage Hotel Prague. It takes you only 2 minutes by car to get there, 15 minutes by public transport or the same amount of time if you just take a pleasant walk.